1. How do I add webpages?
Just right click on the the icon of Website Opener (the blue star in Chrome) and select options. Then just follow the instructions on the page. To get to the Options in the Safari version just long press the extension icon (the black star) and a popover page will appear.

2. How do I import urls from my bookmarks?
Go to the options for Website Opener, then click on the button "import bookmarks". All your bookmarks will then appear in a list. Just select the ones you want to import and click Done.

3. What is a pinned tab, and how does it work? To pin a tab is a feature in Chrome that shrinks down the tab to only show the favicon of the site. This feature mostly benefits people who use many tabs since it will clean up some space for other tabs. The feature is especially useful for sites you always have opened when you're browsing since you don't need to read the text about those sites. Some sites I personally use to have as pinned tabs are Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

4. How do I get my websites to open in pinned tabs? To set a website to open as a pinned tab all you have to do is to go to the options, check the box next to the site, under "Pin tab", and then click save.

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