Chrome Latest version 1.6.3

1.6.3: A bug in the design at the options page was fixed.
1.6.2: New feature, you are now able to let the first tab be selected after WO is opened.
1.6.1: Pinned tabs that are already opened will no longer open when WO is opened.
1.6.0: New feature, you are now able to move websites up or down in the list.
1.5.4: Fixed a bug which caused websites not to open if the new "pin tab" option hadn't been used 1.5.3: Fixed the below mentioned bugs for the webstore version.
1.5.2: Fixed a bug which didn't let you to remove websites which were marked to open in pinned tabs.
1.5.1: Fixed a bug that caused websites to disappear when more than three websites were selected to open in pinned tabs.
1.5.0: A new feature, an option to open sites as a "pinned tab" is now available.
1.4.1: Link to the Google Plus page was added to the options page.
1.4.0: A new feature, you can now import urls from your bookmarks.
1.3.5: Bug fix with https for the Webstore Version.
1.3.4: New icon, it's still the star just a little more stylish.
1.3.3: Fixed a bug which occurred when there where less than 3 urls registered.
1.3.2: New design for the options page.
1.3.1: First version for Chrome webstore.
1.3.0: Added link to facebook page and twitter on the options page and simplified the input of urls.
1.2.3: Fixed a broken link in the option page.
1.2.2: Links to the webpage was added at the top of the right corner in the options page
1.2.1: Some forgotten translations where added and the options page was organised a little bit.
1.2.0: Language option is added, you can now choose between englisg and swedish
1.1.1: A new feature, an option that closes the current if it's a "new tab" tab when WO is opened
1.0.2: A new feature, to remove a single webpage from your list
1.0.1: Fixed a bug that caused tabs named "undefined" and empty tabs to open
1.0.0: First version

Safari Latest version 1.0

1.0.0: First version, pretty much Chrome version 1.3.5

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